Thursday 27 August 2015


Well, it was always going to happen.

So I've been saving my days work separately to try and have some kind of revision history to my work. I was backing the files up to dropbox (after a hard-reset of my phone meant that a bunch of work on a previous project was lost) and rendering WAVs to upload to soundcloud. Anyway, somewhere in the middle of all that I accidentally opened the original piano part and put the melody on top of that. But it seems that in FL Studio Mobile you can't just import tracks from one file into another, so I either need to redo all the piano part editing in the file with the melody or add the melody to the version2 piano part. And thinking about it I really want both versions of the piano in the same project as it would be nice to have them both as variants.

But it seems what you can and can't do in FL Studio Mobile is a bit academic anyway as my phone has just totally packed in and needs to go away for repair.

Luckily I exported all my work as midi files and saved to dropbox, so I guess I can continue on the PC (once I sort out how to do that)...

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