Friday 28 August 2015

Choosing a DAW (part 1 of probably far too many)

Well after loosing my phone and my main composing tool in the process (hopefully only temporarily) I need to get myself a PC based DAW to play with. I also need something more full-featured to combine the two files I have made and to provide a better high-level arranging interface.

After looking around online quite a bit I decided that as it is the "industry standard" I should give Avid ProTools a shot. Obviously I'm not planning on spending the kind of money that the Full version costs, but it does have a free version. You just need to enter your email and...


...and wait...

...and, well, OK that's not happening.

So the other option to get into Pro Tools cheaply is to buy a USB interface and get the cut-down version that comes with it. Except I'm not so flush these days and I don't want to spend money on something I'm not sure I need...

However, I do have a cupboard full of music equipment most of which I'm not using and some of which would probably be made redundant if I get a proper DAW and interface up and running. So I should sell that stuff and get a DAW / interface! Sounds like a plan!

What's my inventory?

To keep:

1 x Evolution MK-149 midi controller

To sell:

I recon I can make £140 flogging the old stuff which should be enough to get some DAW software and an interface. So, ebay here I come!

This is totally what I was trying to avoid - spending all my time on kit and none on music but I can't think of a way round it right now...

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