Monday 7 September 2015

So bad

Wow, I didn't think I'd empty my buffer and then get behind on posting so much so quickly! The "reasons" are upgrading my laptop to windows 10 and being knackered. These are not valid excuses. I have a couple of days work to share but I just haven't written it up yet. I'll try to do that this lunchtime. Must do better...

Tuesday 1 September 2015

Back in the saddle

Not got much time today but actually back in the process of doing some music.

Today a micro bit of arrangement (and a bit of learning new tools). Continuing to be impressed with Studio One. Easily figured out how to chop my MIDI tracks up into four bar segments which I could then duplicate and arrange to start giving some structure to the piece. Combining my two variant piano parts into one track was a simple drag and drop operation.

Then I tidied up the instrument allocations (again really easy) getting rid of unused drum parts that had been added to the song. After that I went to save and noticed that there is a file versioning system built in! So no need to save "song_v1", "song_v2" etc.

Finally today I added another part to the piece, this time by playing on the keyboard and recording. That process was a cinch, and after a little quantising and tweaking it almost sounded OK (but actually it's pretty rubbish). Anyway, not to be disheartened I then arranged my little pieces a bit (well, arranged is a strong word, cut and pasted in random order is more like it) to try out some different textures, and then recorded it:

The only thing that took a little while was working out how to add a mastering effect to make it sound a little less dry, and I dont think I did that right (added a send fx to all the instruments) but I am flying blind here, maybe I should read some tutorials or even the manual or something.

Anyway, can't say the output is improving but I'm certainly getting to grips with the process...